Why Terra-Phy?

Why did I decide to add my voice to the trillions (OK, maybe it’s only tens of billions) of blogs that are already out there?

Mainly because I was already writing. I’m a math / physics guy (now retired) and I like to answer questions, these days mostly on the educational math and physics subreddits of Reddit. I often write answers that involve a fair amount of calculation, because as a math nerd that’s my idea of fun. Sometimes it’s a fairly technical topic, and sometimes it’s just wacky. [1][2]

Some of the questions recur fairly often to the point that I start wishing I had an article I could point to. Or the question was just so interesting and fun to solve that I want to save the article. So this is a place to hang those articles.

My interests as I said are in math and physics. There are a lot of great math and science blogs, YouTube channels etc out there. I’m not trying to compete. The focus of this blog is just “cool calculations that I thought were worth saving”.

Also I’m interested in the history of both mathematics and physics. More on that later.

And what the heck is that title? Is that Latin?

Yes. I also love languages. The title means (I hope) “The world of physics and mathematics” because I have no imagination, so putting it in a language other than English is what counts as creative titling for me.

[1] My favorites by far are wacky Randall Munro type What If? calculations.

[2] Yes, I put footnotes in a blog post. I said I was a nerd.


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