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  • Coming Soon

    Articles currently in the pipe, to be published soon:

    • When should you add the cream to the coffee? An age-old controversy.
    • Random numbers and Monte Carlo simulation. How does a computer pick random numbers from different distributions? How random are they?
    • Edison and the elevators: The AC/DC wars and elevators
  • Why Terra-Phy?

    Why did I decide to add my voice to the trillions (OK, maybe it’s only tens of billions) of blogs that are already out there?

    Mainly because I was already writing. I’m a math / physics guy (now retired) and I like to answer questions, these days mostly on the educational math and physics subreddits of Reddit. I often write answers that involve a fair amount of calculation, because as a math nerd that’s my idea of fun. Sometimes it’s a fairly technical topic, and sometimes it’s just wacky. [1][2]